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“Walk in the footsteps of the of the separatists, sailors ,Settlers and servants as they shop in the streets of Southampton old Town! ”

Southampton and the Mayflower 

See Southampton also offers a series of Hidden History walks each weekend which include elements of the story of the Mayflower. 
Southampton is steeped in the story of the Mayflower with many important events taking place in the old town that were essential to the success of this great adventure. Discover how William Bradford's original chronicle "Of Plimoth Plantation" ended up in Southampton, hear the story of John Alden and his Southampton roots, see where the settlers, crew and servants worshipped, walk in the footsteps of the "Pilgrims" around the old town and see the buildings and places that would have been familiar to them in late July and early August of 1620.

Discover where John Carver, Christopher Martin, Robert Cushman and John Howland bought the supplies needed for the voyage and the early months in New England. Hear about the tensions and arguments over money and see where the Speedwell was repaired.


Visit the garden of the3rd Earl of Southampton who funded many expeditions to James Town and was a leading player in London Virginia Company. Hear about the astonishing adventures of Hampshire's Stephen Hopkins who sailed on the Mayflower and his links to Shakespeare's Tempest. Stand by the Mayflower memorial and listen to stories of some of the characters who sailed from Southampton on  the Mayflower and who are represented on the column. You will be astonished. 

Dedicated "Southampton and the Mayflower" walks will take place at 11 am on the following dates in 2019 with all walks starting by the lions at the iconic Bargate.

Friday, 4th October

Tuesday, 8th October

Monday, 21st October

Friday 1st November

Tuesday, 19th November

Friday, 20th December

Monday, 23rd December

Cost £6, accompanied children under 16 free.

All you need to do is turn up on the day and pay the guide.

A free map of Southampton in 1611 is also included.

Private and Group walks £85 by arrangement!

Contact 023 8044 9841 (Geoff) or 023 8055 9812 (Godfrey)

for further details and availability.

Combine the Mayflower Walk with a scenic voyage on the Shieldhall on Southampton Water taking the same route as the original travellers!

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